On the 26th of October, 2012, the short film by the students will be shown! 
University of Plymouth Roland Lewinsky building!
6pm starts showing! 
A couple of students from the University of Plymouth recently contacted me about the mysterious blog video with the masked person.  They asked me a few questions but unfortunately I was not able to give them much as I do not know who or what this person is. 

They told me that they were going to make a Masters degree video project about this person and wanted to know where to find him. 

All I could do is tell them to be safe and be careful as this is a dangerous idea. So best wishes to them and good luck.

The Masked hero that is active in the Plymouth city area has been seen! and captured on video!!!!
What is he doing here exactly? Is he here to help us or... You be the judge!
Here is a recreation of a crazed murder who had been capturing people to have the company of dead bodies... a crazed mentality caused by the bad government of course!
The following is a video concept created by a fellow awareness person. 
The news of this mysterious incident was covered up by the police, however this person managed to gather the details and made this animated short... As a "fictional" piece based on real events, it was the only way to let the news of it out. 

Have a look what they are hiding from us...
Sometime earlier this morning, a young teenager was found dead near the seaside south west of the city. The body was found cut up into four pieces through the middle. Sea shells were found alive and attached to the internal parts of the body. The sea shells were feeding on the blood. 

The pictures have been removed and nothing was reported on the local news papers. 
R.I.P brave soul... 
Just something quick here, wouldn't it be so cool if there were masked heroes in our city!? :D

Just like these! 
SO HERE IT IS! Time to start telling the world and opening the eyes of many! New information starting soon! :) No more shadows, no more hiding, and no more lies! 

batman dc comic justice league marvel kamen rider masked superman x-men avengers captain america wolverine dark knight rises zombies undead monsters mutants cornwall devon marine port PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS NOT A REAL SITE BUT JUST A PART OF A UNIVERSITY FILM PROJECT FOR THE FINAL MA FILM PROJECT. MA CONTEMPORARY FILM STUDIES.